Services and Advice

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Our strengths:

  • We create and maintain vehicle data bases;
  • We provide advice and issue legal opinions regarding tyres, also in case of confrontation with the Police or the Road Transport Inspectorate;
  • We guarantee professional selection of tyres considering the vehicle’s operating environment;
  • We install tyres purchased by the customer and verify the selection of tyres;
  • We provide services which extend the service life of tyres used by the company by up to 30%;
  • We provide advice, suggestions and analyses – all at the right time;
  • We have access to tyres from all manufacturers and offer discounts for specific product groups;
  • We offer flexible conditions of cooperation, adaptable to the needs of the customer;
  • We deliver hot-retreaded tyres using carcasses provided by our customer or by ourselves (we implemented a very stringent carcass inspection system to provide highest quality);
  • We accept the carcass based on a receipt and we inform about the verification results in writing – we are aware that the current price of a single heavy vehicle tyre carcass is over PLN 200;
  • We advise against using cold-retreaded tyres, which are of inferior quality;
  • We will not accept jobs for which we would not be able to provide guarantee and take legal and technical responsibility;
  • Our aim is to provide the longest possible service life of tyres in all conditions (building industry, off-road, urban, highways etc.) while following the provisions of the Highway Code and safety regulations;
  • We perform our work at our customer’s site and, if required, in his presence; We are open to contact, we share knowledge and provide detailed answers regarding every phase of our work and installation;
  • We build long term business relations – we provide high quality services and accept full responsibility for our actions and tasks we perform;
  • We work 365 days per year, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day – if you need us, just call;
  • We cooperate with service station networks in Europe – we offer help in Poland and abroad.