Our Mission

It is not our mission to wait for a customer at a warm service station refreshment room.

Why choose a mobile service?
When you arrive at a station truck service station you are only able to have a single vehicle inspected at one time. When using a mobile service it is possible to have all vehicles available at the yard inspected at the same time. czytaj wiecej

Our mission is to work in any conditions, directly with the customer – see our picture gallery. Our priorities are inspection, supervision and care of customer’s tyres. We build data bases, monitor wear and mileage – these are our advantages. The data base is prepared for the customer and is made available in electronic or printed format. Using the data base we are able to evaluate the tyre condition, issue preventative recommendations and suggest optimum and alternative solutions – at the same time we allow the company owner to make the final decision.

What makes us different?

When cooperating with us you will notice that you no longer need to buy tyres as often and spend as much money on them as you used to. Our mission is to provide advice and a mobile service.

Our hard work, reliability and honesty help us win the trust of our customers. When cooperating with the PNEUMASTER service you pay only for that which has actually been done. There are no hidden costs!

We use stringent procedures, which allow the company owner, fleet manager and drivers to feel safe. We guarantee the safety of tyres serviced by us.