Environment Protection

PNEUMASTER collects worn and damaged tyres free of charge and transfers them for utilisation. We only use tools and equipment with the required certificates permitting their use. We always leave our work site clean and protect the environment. Remember, rotating tyres on the axle, rim and between positions as well as regrooving extend the tyre’s service life which saves you money but also reduces the need to purchase and manufacture new tyres.

Bear in mind that natural latex obtained from the rubber tree is required for the production of tyres and there are fewer and fewer of those trees around the world. Each new tyre for heavy vehicles also requires steel manufactured in furnaces burning natural fuels. Take good care of your tyres, extend their service life and you will be able to say – „I help protect the environment”. Store your worn tyres and we will collect them free of charge. DO NOT THROW AWAY old tyres, the biodegradation time of such products in natural conditions varies from several dozen to several hundred years.